Wedding Cakes


The Classic Cake

Classic wedding cakes, even when they look so simple are the most intricate to make. Whatever you're idea of classic, I am here to achieve this for you. check out of our flavour combinations and see how you can bring the wow factor with a touch of chic. 

The Timeless Cake

A cake that transcends time and will always be beautiful.

The Quirky Cake

Mixing and matching styles is all the rage, be it for your wedding, your birthday, or special occasion. The beauty is that you can mix and match and create your version of a new classic! 

The Modern Cake

The great part of doing this job is trying new techniques and styles and moving with new trends. If you are looking for  modern cake with marble effect, painted details, ruffles or crystals or anything else you could think of, come and talk to us and let's create am amazing cake for you. 

The Cake for all Cultures

Celebrations for all occasions, means all cultures and faiths! embracing your traditions and incorporating them into the vision for your cake creates a beautiful challenge and a unique vision for your celebration. 

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