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We love your work! What can we expect to pay for a wedding cake?

Your perfect wedding day deserves a Sensational Cake! Prices start at £450** for a simple fondant covered wedding cake.

"How do we reserve our date?"

Once you are satisfied with your estimate and ready to book, secure your date by paying a minimum of £100.00 non refundable deposit, then once you confirm your design and we give you a final price, a total of 30% non-refundable deposit of the total cost of your cake can be paid. 

"How far in advance do we need to commit?"

Most couples book our services 6 to 12 months prior to their wedding. We take a limited number of weddings per day to ensure the finest quality and suggest booking early to avoid disappointment.

"I have a picture of a cake I like. Can you reproduce the cake in this picture?"

Probably, but we won't! We respect other artists' work and don't copy it exactly. We encourage you to share your inspiration pictures, colours, swatches, themes, and crazy ideas with us. This allows us to see what styles you like and helps us design YOUR unique wedding cake.

"When do we need to finalise our design and numbers?"

Design ideas are typically completed at your consultation, but if you have a change of heart, we are more can happy to make changes but we'll secure all ideas one month ahead of time so that we can procure the necessary supplies.

** Please be aware that changes within one month of your wedding may incur additional fees

"Do you make groom's cakes?"

Yes we do! We believe the groom should feel just as special on this big day and what better way than with a cake that reflects his tastes, interests or style This is something new and modern and we are all for creating something different and innovative. 

"If we want to keep a tier of our cake for a separate celebration a couple if days after our wedding, how should we store it?"

To keep your cake at its best for longer, we recommend the following; 

*Do store your cake in the cardboard cake box it was collected or delivered in (so be sure to keep this box in a safe place). 

*Do keep your cake in a cool, dry place away from any heat sources, steam or moisture. 

*Do NOT keep your cake in the fridge as this will cause the icing to become wet and sticky and will affect any decorations on the cake.

*Do NOT keep your cake in plastic tub or box as this will cause the cake to sweat.

"How long after the event can we consume any remaining cake we might have?"

If you're lucky enough to have some cake left over from your event, we recommend consuming what's left within 3 days of collection/delivery. If your cake is cut, we would advise keeping this wrapped in cling film and stored in the cardboard cake box.
Leftover cake can also be frozen if wrapped in layers of cling film and thoroughly defrosted before consumption. 

*Buttermilks Cakes cannot be held responsible for the effect freezing and defrosting may have on your cakes.

"How far will you deliver?"

We don't limit our delivery range, and to date we've gone as far as 100 miles. Delivery fees are based on distance and, for longer drives, our time in transit.

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