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What to look for when choosing your wedding cake and what to consider.

Choosing a cake designer 

A wedding cake, just like the decor of your wedding venue, sets the mood and tone for your big day and should reflect your couple style and personality. 
It then stands to reason that you should pick a wedding cake designer who understands your personal style and desires for your big day and can deliver in the aesthetic you need. 
Do you want an over the top 8 tier magical creation, a classic elegant 4 tier stunner or a simple and rustic 3 tier woodland feast for the eyes? All these cakes can rarely be done by one cake designer as we all have our own individual styles. It is then up to the bride and groom to look at the portfolio of the cake artist, and decide which suits you best aesthetically and budget wise.

Cake Tastings

Whether you are choosing traditional flavours like vanilla, chocolate or lemon or deciding to be more adventurous, it is important (and fun) to go for cake tasting with bakers and sample the delicious treats they have to offer.During your tasting, you have the chance to not only sample cakes but also discuss your wedding and bond with a baker. This is usually when you decide on the baker for your big day. They will not only have the cakes to match your taste buds, but they will be as excited about your big day as you are.

Wedding Cake Cost

Wedding cakes are a work of art and this is reflected in their price. With an average of 20 hours going into any 3 tier wedding cake, not to mention design techniques and quality ingredients you can start to appreciate why they cost so much.A fondant covered, 3 tiered flavoured sponge cake, feeding 100 guests, can start from £550.  If the couple requires bespoke handcrafted details like sugar flowers, ruffles, monograms etc this will often cause an increase in the final price. Additionally when a client adds a fruit cake or carrot cake tier to their order, this too adds to the end cost with an increase anywhere up to £50.00 and in some cases more. The average cost of a wedding cake with any of the above extras will most likely end up costing closer to £700. The more layers and detailing the more the cake will cost.
It is a big decision and an important one. 

At Buttermilks Cakes, we know how important your wedding day is to you and we want to help make it even more special. Taking the time to talk to brides and grooms, understanding their needs for their big day and helping to make their dreams a reality, is a task we take very seriously and whoever you choose to create your wedding cake, choose the baker that feels that way too.

Once you find the baker for you, reserve the date as soon as possible, to ensure they are available for your big day. Just like venues, your cake designer is often booked up to a year in advance. A deposit of anything from 10% to 50% is usually requested to secure your booking and the balance is paid up to a month before your big day. 
Remember, picking your cake is an important but fun part of the wedding planning process. Enjoy it.


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